Job summary

Thai Airways International Public Company Limited would like to invites applications for the position of “Solution Architecture Specialist (Chief (Specialist))” from now until 7 March 2024.

In this role, you will deliver design solutions for participated projects with efficiency and in accordance with mutually agreed timeline.

Job descriptions

  • Analyze business requirements or problems including to design solution architecture to delivery business values and solve business problems.
  • Analyze, recommend, and continually research new emerging technologies to apply and support business processes.
  • Assess the current system architecture, design, and develop solution architecture to deliver solution implementation to targeted business outcomes.
  • Coordinate and work closely with project stakeholders to transform their business and solve complex problems using various technologies.
  • Participate in development of the solution’s proof-of-concept or solution’s prototype for future usability.
  • Manage, review, evaluate and resolve solution delivery outcomes to identify architecture challenges and improve opportunities.
  • Adopt industries best practices in various area, including architecture pattern.
  • Provide supervision, find, and guide technology solutions to development team.
  • Create solution designed and architecture solutions.
  • Perform other tasks as assigned in digital project delivery.


Qualification of Applicants 

General Qualifications: 

  • Not more than 45 years of age up to the date of application submission. 
  • No restriction on nationality. 
  • Bachelor’s degree in engineering, computer science, or information technology, or related field required. 
  • At least 2 years of working experience in enterprise or solution architecture with at least 1-2 major delivered projects. 
  • Experience in adapting agile methodology to Solution Architecture’s  role. 

Position Qualifications 

  • Experience working with cross functions team encompassing organizations, corporate business units and stakeholders. 
  • Project and resource management skills essential to achieve solutions and goals according to project timeframe and available resources. 
  • Seasoned developer or technical lead with deep insight into newest technologies and trends.  
  • Have outstanding presentation skills and a high level of communication in English.  
  • Have excellent analytical and problem-solving skill. 

Terms of Employment, Salary, and Benefits 

Terms of Employment  

     The terms of employment will not exceed 2 years from the commencement date of the employment contract. 

Salary and Benefits   

     A selected applicant will receive a salary rate according to the current payroll structure of Thai Airways International Public Company Limited as approved by the Board of Directors, and obtain benefits and welfare according to the company rules and regulations. The selected applicant shall be responsible for a personal income tax by granting consent to the company to withhold tax under the revenue code of Thailand.  

Application Submission

Deadline for Application Submission 

  • The deadline for application submission is March 7, 2024. Further information can be acquired at or call 02-545-2826, 02-545-2647. 

Application Documents 

Selection Process

Interview Appointment 

     The company reserves the right to consider calling for interviews only applicants who are qualified as the company deems appropriate. The notification of an interview appointment and a list of additional documents (if any) will directly be sent to an email address provided in your application form.   

Announcement of Selection Result  

     The company will directly notify the selection result via an email address provided in your application form. (The selection result decided by the company is final. All applicants must accept the aforementioned decision. 

Cancellation of Recruitment

     The company reserves the right to cancel the recruitment by this announcement or to make a new recruitment process if the company considers that it is for the benefit of the company. Therefore, the applicants have no right to make any claims from the company.  

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